Rose Miller is a visual artist, originally from Brighton and now based in Manchester. She currently works freelance in prop making, puppetry, carnival and community arts.

Rose works predominantly in the medium of free hand machine embroidery. Her work often depicts organic forms, particularly plants and animals. She works on canvas, using highly detailed, layered combinations of coloured thread to create illustrations with an appearance of almost painterly colour blending. She uses the materiality of the medium to create complex textures from the natural grain of the threads. Elsewhere she works in more minimalist block colours, abstracting figures through scaling down to the point where fine details must be lost, leaving only the bare recognisable form.

As a member of Generic Greeting Collective Rose is involved in an ongoing program of exhibitions, showcases and events both for her own work and in support of other members. The collective functions on the ethos that we're stronger and more creative together and thrives on collaboration with other artists and engagement with communities.

Rose has worked with Horse and Bamboo, The Royal Exchange, Walk the Plank, Vip Puppets and is a freelance artist at Manchester Art Gallery.