Independent Venue Week

2nd February 2014 - Soup Kitchen

An event as part of the national Independent Venue Week series of events. We arranged and promoted an all day event alongside Sways Records. This included a gig, club night, poster exhibition and print fair at Soup Kitchen. The bands on the day were: Aldous RH, Kult Country, Francis Lung, Naked on Drugs & Bernard and Edith. And we had Szajna, Big War and Jonny Dub DJ the event. 
The event was an overwhelming success with both floors of the venue packed, thanks to everyone that came.


Featured artists:

Will Berry
Exhibition Artist
Calum Brodie
Exhibition Artist
Exhibition Artist
Eilis Healy
Exhibition Artist
Dan Kimber
Exhibition Artists
Emily Briselden-Waters & Rachel Dargavel-Leafe
Exhibition Artists (Joint)