Szajna - The World Is Mental Mate

The World is Mental Mate is DJ & producer Szajna's debut album, coming out on Infinite Scroll, a new Manchester-based record label. Whereas his previous releases (EPs released through Generic Greeting Collective) were club-ready constructions building on his 8 years experience as a DJ, this album is a more rounded, comprehensive effort.

For The World Is Mental Mate Szajna has gone back to his roots: the breaks in funk and jazz that he fell in love with as a drummer; music that's as equally suited to contemplative listening at home as to playback over the big sound systems he's so comfortable with. Szajna, who takes his alias from his Polish mother's surname, asserts that the album is a true reflection of his own taste: "I wanted the album to be something that I would enjoy listening to with my friends, not just whilst I was making it but hopefully for years to come too".

The World Is Mental Mate, in its title as well as its music, is an honest presentation of Szajna's character too - on first impression light-hearted and jovial but with space for deeper interpretation. The lively sound of the album also echoes the fun that was had during its creation. "I wanted to make beats and just have fun rather than worrying about trying to impress anyone or fit the music into a certain genre," Szajna said of the creative process. Although Szajna has carefully honed his own individual sound over the years, there are clear reference points, in particular the sounds of Chicago and Detroit's sample-heavy hip-hop and house pioneers.

All in all The World Is Mental Mate is an outstanding debut from a producer who has fully embraced the album format. It's simultaneously a fun and enjoyable listen, whilst also being sincere, thoughtful and highly memorable.

Released July 2014