Jack Sheen – Jupiter OST


Jupiter is a film written, directed and produced by George Haydock. Centered around the main character, Jupiter, the film depicts a pivotal transformation in this young man’s life via an a series of real and imagined events. Despite always having one foot set in reality, the film tells this story through an exploration of cinema’s ability to be suggestive and fantastical through the representation of familiar and surreal images.

Taking the film’s intergalactic nature as a starting point the music, which was recorded in April & March 2015, serves to underline the arcing structure of the film which is based on each of the nine planets and the Sun. Instead of providing a singular emotional emphasis to what is seen on screen, this evocative soundtrack acts as an autonomous layer within the film, providing a more ambiguous perspective upon Jupiter’s actions and emotions which highlights the troubling complexities of the film’s themes.

Often dark and disquieting, the sonic textures of Jupiter sound like the most raucous moments of experimental jazz and African folk-drumming stretched out virtually beyond recognition. The music consists almost entirely of recordings and samples of percussion instruments, filling the slow developmental structures of drone and minimal music with an intricate tapestry of crackling cymbal rolls, cacophonous drum patterns and the tonal hums of bowed wood.

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