Cash/Sex poetry pamphlet


Cash/sex: a verse essay for voices, alto, contralto

by Joey Frances & Bryony Bates


“So what does this account of, as of, a common experience do / with
people who find making money unproblematic
people who find unproblematic in practice
people with the opportunities
to get rich and no moral compunction
we mostly know what we’d do with them”

written at the twin crossroads of two poets’ extended experience of self-death & re-becoming, the hard willful whimper to be (de)subjected ~ /please accept my attached application i eagerly await your response/ ~ that is belated initiation into the functioning cycle of production & reproduction; think of cash/sex as a dialogic & sloppy suture of feeling souls, a collapsed consumer engagement webinar, a glimpse at the flesh of your shithead boss’s open tabs, ogling at the action of exchange upon the working body.


Photographs by __streetvue

Pink & cream. A5. 32pp.

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